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Why Soccer?


Globally, FIFA reported roughly 265 million soccer participants, which makes it the most popular sport from a participation and fan base standpoint. An ESPN poll revealed that second to China, the United States has the highest youth participation rate in soccer with roughly 24.5 million players. And, within the country, soccer is the second most popular sport for youth, trailing only behind basketball. 

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Soccer is inexpensive to get started. Cleats, shin guards and soccer socks are the only necessary equipment purchases prior to joining a team.  Donations and hand-me-downs are often available.

Silver FC practices year round and takes part in both outdoor select level soccer and indoor soccer leagues. We also offer small field game play during most of the year.
Participation costs can run anywhere from $275-$700 per year . This is very competitive when compared to other local soccer clubs.

Here are some of the costs that may be involved:

Fall Select Season Fee:         $85-$120

Spring Select Season Fee:    $55-75

2-3 Indoor leagues:                $65 each

Yearly Registration Fee:         $120
US Club Soccer player cards, and overhead fees. 

Monthly Training Fee:             $35 per month ($25 for 4/5)
[Includes Game night during the fall and winter]

League Uniform Cost:             Varies (approximately $75)

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Silver FC offers free training and a 33-66% off of team fees for those that qualify for free or reduced school lunch. 

We also offer scholarships and payment plants if your family is experiencing a hardship.

Level of difficulty

Our goal is to train players and field teams for select level play and beyond, but all players start somewhere. Silver FC's training program will help a new player to build skills that will allow them play at the select level within one year.

We offer many other game opportunities for players that are improving their skills; including seasonal weekly game play, Fall and Winter indoor leagues, and internally run developmental leagues.

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Global Reach

Soccer is known to be the most popular sport in the world, and one of the few that is played in nearly every country. To get a gauge of fan base popularity, in 2014 there were nearly 111.5 million people who tuned in for the Super Bowl and 1 billion who tuned in for the FIFA World Cup Final.

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The most common injuries in soccer are sprains and strains of ankles and knees. Although there are other major injuries, such as concussions and ACL tears that can be prevalent mostly at the higher levels, severity and recovery time for soccer injuries tends to be low. 

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physical fitness

Soccer requires a high fitness ability, specifically endurance and agility.  On average, a soccer player will run a total of 7 miles per game, depending on level of participation and position played. 

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The Registration "Fees and Info" is not currently available.

The Registration "Fees and Info" is not currently available.

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